Packetflip Review

packetflip service provides its clients the ability to anonymous web browsing fraud investigations, competitive analysis, web harvesting, and various other internet research related activities, but there are restrictions. However, it does Not Support ScrapeBox, XRumer, ScrapeBoard or Blog Commenter for IMer. All Packetflip proxies are in the U.S.

Key features of proxies offered by Packetflip

  • Proxies of Packetflip are also featuring the reasonable prices in the market for their service. Please take a look at a short list containing their key features as follows:
  • Proxies Protocols. They offer proxies supporting the Https and HTTP protocols. That means all of their proxies work both on http and https.
  • Proxies Update Frequency: Monthly but only for Dedicated Proxies
  • Multiple Cities and Multiple Subnets. You have the ability to choose the proxies by city, state, country and add them to your shopping cart. They own multiple datacenters across Europe and US. Besides, Packetflip adds new locations very frequently.
  • Proxies of Packetflip Allow Scrapebox for scraping purpose and Classified Sites but not guaranteed. Their proxies do not support Mailing, Xrummer, ScrapeBoard,ScrapeBox Blog Commenter.
  • Instant activation for all of the proxies provided by Packetflip.
  • Multiple authentication types supported for their proxies and shared proxies, including username and password or IP based authentication.

You can refresh your proxies once per month from the user’s panel.

Premium support 24/7 via forum/live support/contact. For the professional technical support, this proxy provider has been doing networking for many years by now so you can bet they are able to address all your issues in a professional manner.

Every service of Packetflip is automated so you don’t have to wait for the admins to activate your orders or proxies. Simply complete the purchase and you will be able to use the proxies in no more than 10 minutes – usually much faster.

Types of proxies offered by Packetflip

  • Shared Proxies are simultaneously used among multiple Packet Flip customers. These are not public/open proxies. All shared proxy packages are spread across multiple subnets and locations.
  • Anonymous U.S. Dedicated Proxies. Dedicated Proxies are uniquely assigned to you. While you maintain your subscription, you are the only customer permitted to access the proxies.

Customers’ reviews

According to its experienced users, PacketFlip service provides its clients the ability to anonymous web browsing fraud investigations, web harvesting, competitive analysis, and various other internet research related activities, but there are restrictions. It does not support XRumer,ScrapeBox Blog Commenter,ScrapeBoard for IMer. All Packet Flip proxies are in the US.

Offered price and promotions

Below are Sample packages of Private Dedicated Proxies that Packetflip proxies service provided. For larger dedicated proxy packages, please contact us.

Dedicated proxy Package Price Subnets
1 Proxies $10 1
5 Proxies $25 2
10 Proxies $45 3
25 Proxies $75 3-6
50 Proxies $125 6-10
100 Proxies $225 10-14
250 Proxies $500 14-18

Below are Sample packages of Private Dedicated Proxies that Packetflip service provided.

Shared proxy Package Price  Cities/Subnets
 100 Proxies  $100 10/20
 250 Proxies  $200 10/25
 500 Proxies $300 11/30
 750 Proxies $400 12/35
 1000 Proxies $500 13/50

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ElitePrivateProxies Review

eliteprivateproxies is a proxy service supplier providing the first class private proxies. Their proxies are fit for SEO Program, such as SeNuke, Scrapebox, XRumer, etc. Also, they can function admirably on mysterious web skimming, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. This USA-based proxy provider was established and developed for more than 4 years available with more than 600 completely fulfilled and cheerful clients.

Outstanding characteristics of proxies from Eliteprivateproxies

Our proxies have exceptional security assurance framework ensuring your private proxies. No one else, with the exception of you, will have the capacity to utilize your proxies. These proxies are additionally called committed private proxies. You will have your remarkable username and secret word for signing into the proxy login framework of Eliteprivateproxies.

Some of their feature highlights are as follows:

  • Fast Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multiple Locations as well as Multiple Subnets
  • Non-consecutive IPs
  • Completely Ad-Free
  • Proxies Protocols. The proxies of Eliteprivateproxies support both Socks 5 and HTTP. You can utilize Your HTTP or Socks5 Proxies on your approved Computer.
  • The Unique Security System to Protect Your Proxies from Stealing.
  • Ideal for Anonymous web searching with YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.
  • All of Elite Private Proxies are high mysterious (level 1) sort of proxies. It just means it is difficult to recognize them as proxies and they will totally conceal your genuine IP address from the web. There is no site on the web that can uncover your genuine IP address, not in any case Google.
  • Consummately works with any SEO programming, for example, Scrapebox, XRumer, SeNuke and numerous others.
  • Authentication. It’s restrictive USA Proxies. The Proxies of Eliteprivateproxies have Unique Username and Password for Logging in. World class private proxies permit to Choose Geo Location Manually for their custom packages.
  • All Their private proxy servers are situated in the USA. The area of proxy IPs for Their general packages (recorded on this page) will be set haphazardly between 7 diverse US areas.

Customers’ reviews

Built up proxy supplier is satisfied to offer an exceptional arrangement on ensured private proxies for BHW. While topping off their checkout structure, you’ll be asked what you are going to utilize your proxies for. This data will help us to pick the best Elite Private Proxies for your specific reason.

The login framework of Eliteprivateproxies permits to utilize their proxies from numerous IP addresses (not at the same time). Such framework has the farthest point of 1 IP location to be confirmed at once. Many of their customers are satisfied as their bought proxy can Work extraordinary with: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Live, MySpace as well as for the General slithering or scratching purpose.

Pricing plans

The marked down prices of Eliteprivateproxies are connected to the monthly endorsers yet PayPal record is required. No agreements, no commitments, and scratch off at whatever time you need. Their discounted prices are applied to monthly subscribers only. No contracts, no obligations, and cancel anytime you want.

All 5 packages of Eliteprivateproxies comprise of dedicated proxies with the High Anonymous (Elite) and Anonymous Web Browsing. They also can work well with XRumer and ScrapeBox. Details are as follows:

  • 10 Private Proxies – $18 per month
  • 20 Private Proxies – $35 per month
  • 60 Private Proxies – $98 per month
  • 100 Private Proxies – $160 per month
  • 200 Private Proxies – $300 per month

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Ezproxies Review


EZproxies service is a new proxy service supplier built up in 2012. It provides both private and shared proxies packages as well as offers high mysterious HTTP(s) proxies. EZproxies can permit webmailing with their proxies. However port 25 is blocked, and they don’t permit SMTP-based email. Even though their proxies can work well with scrapebox, Xrummer is not allowed along with the SMTP-based port.

Main features of proxies offered by EZproxies

EZproxies service is another great decision for SEO members of blackhatforum who are currently utilizing Scrapebox. You can email with these proxies, for example, Gmail, Hotmail or yippee and yet not through the SMTP-based port.

  • Proxies Protocols of EZproxies comprise of Https and HTTP. They offer both Shared and Private Proxies, International Proxies. However, there is no Update Frequency with EZproxies.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Authorization: This proxy provider prefers to use the IP validation. The proxies are verified with your IP address. You will have entry to a proxy control board where you can change your approved IP in a split second. Username or secret key verification is accessible on solicitation.
  • IP locations: They have a few areas around the United States. Areas are included regularly. If your proxy area is vital, please send a request to check whether it is available. An actuation email will be sent with the majority of the important data to begin when your proxies have been initiated. But insufficient information accommodated it’s a more up to date proxy service provider.
  • Their proxies support YouTube, Scrapebox, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail and Gmail, yet not Xrummer. Besides, the EZproxies are alright to be utilized for Scrapebox and most other IM programs.
  • The policy of 24-hour cash back guarantee

Customers’ reviews

There are some onions from EZproxies’s customers who was searching for the new venture proxy arrangement. Some of them focus on the most reasonable and amazing proxies. It appears that it is truly elusive reasonable and great with this proxy provider. You can buy 500 proxies and only have to pay $0.50 for one proxy.

That cost appears to be great, so many users really purchased 500 proxies. If you are searching for high caliber and reasonable proxies, you can go get proxies from EZproxies. Several experienced users undertook shard proxies and there is no contrast amongst private and shared proxies.

Pricing plans

Currently, EZproxies offers the special discount for all people. You can use coupon ‘ez55′ for %55 off price of their proxies in the first month. Your proxies will be delivered within 12 hours. There are two different pricing plans that EZproxies offer its customers for shared and private proxies.

  • For share proxies

Shared proxies are proxies that are shared amongst Their clients as it were. These proxies suit the requirements of the majority of Their customers. EZproxies can provide 4 packages of shared proxies. Of which, the minimum size of shared proxy package comprises of 50 proxies with the monthly price of USD 50. The largest size of the package has 500 shared proxies with the monthly price of USD 250.

  • For private proxies

Private proxies are definitive in online security. Situated in numerous urban areas in the U.S., and are accessible for your utilization as it were. EZproxies can provide its users 6 packages of private proxies. Of which, the minimum size of the shared proxy package comprises of 10 proxies with the monthly price of USD 20. The largest size of package has 500 shared proxies with the monthly price of USD 500.

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Proxiesnow Review


ProxiesNow was established in 2103 and you can check it on Though have some years in this industry of proxy service, still not a popular proxy provider. And their website design looks not like a reasonable commerce site. With ProxiesNow, you can install any legal tool you desire and use it for any purpose. However, you are not allowed to send bulk unsolicited emails. The provider advises you to use proxies whenever possible.

Key characteristics of proxies provided by Proxiesnow

A private proxy is reliable, fast, and comes with around the clock support. No more searching for public proxy lists that are outdated and slow. When you buy proxies from Proxies Now you will receive a list of proxies that only you have access to.

  • Proxies Protocols. All private proxies provided by ProxiesNow support all protocols, including HTTP, Https and SOCKS5. Of which, the SOCKS5 protocol can do more application to internet users compare with HTTP, such as ICQ, FTP, QQ, Torrent programs, Skype, online games and Outlook.
  • IP addresses and User Authentication. This proxy provider allows both IP and Username based authentication. In addition, its customers can feel free to request to change the proxy IPs anytime during the period of subscription.
  • Good customer service. The customer support team can provide its current users of ProxiesNow 24/7 support service.
  • Multiple Locations. This proxy provider has the subnets located in more than 30 countries worldwide as well as more than 8 Locations of the US.
  • Simultaneous Usage. With ProxiesNow, there is the maximum of 25 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage at the same time.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • The money back guarantee policy within 7 days.
  • Managed in Amazon Cloud for 99.5% Uptime
  • Instant Setup. Proxies are delivered right after your payment process completes.
  • On-Demand IP Replacement. Each account includes on-demand IP replacement.
  • Automated Control Panel. The fully automated and self-managed control panel of ProxiesNow with round the clock proxy monitoring makes your proxy management a lot easier.

However, this proxy provider does not Support X-Rummer.

Comments from experienced customers

Most of the clients did buy proxies with confidence from ProxiesNow as all of their orders come with a 7-day money back guarantee and around the clock support. If anyone has any questions, they can easily take a look at the FAQ or contact the customer service of this proxy provider today. They are always ready to help you with your order.

Besides, ProxiesNow can provide from 5 proxies all the way up to 5000 proxies and beyond. You can get their special prices which are available for orders over 500 proxies.

Quoted prices and promotions

There are 4 different packages provided by ProxiesNow. Details of the pricing plans of ProxiesNow are as follows:

  • 10 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 19.95
  • 25 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 44.95
  • 50 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 79.95
  • 100 proxies are sold at the monthly price of USD 149.95

In addition, your first month of service is 60% off when you sign up today with this proxy provider. In order to be eligible for such discount, please use coupon code ‘proxies60′ when placing your order.


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Rotateip Review

rotateip is a minor proxy provider that offers committed proxies to unblock site and ensure business privacy. Their proxies are exceptionally unknown and bolster HTTP protocol. The key component of RotateiP is without that tool to help you configure and Rotate Private Proxies, so you can undoubtedly pivot IP address. You can utilize the private proxies for Marketing to deal with various accounts, preventing your craigslist Ads Getting Ghosted and SEO tools. The proxies are the host on quick Dedicated.

Main features of Rotateip

RotateiP is the main Dedicated proxy service supplier represent considerable authority in secure, private business system proxy accounts which make a few layers of protection and security giving you wellbeing on the web. Their Dedicated proxy service is upheld by various doors worldwide with quick moment access to privately committed proxies in the US, and around the world.

  • RotateiP Dedicated Proxies work with any program or programming.
  • Instantly pivot private IP’s and proxies. Whether you are dealing with various records, posting advertisements for your office or surfing from an unsecured area, it is a perfect option.
  • Pivot IP’s. It’s so straightforward, whether you require Facebook proxies or Craigslist proxies.
  • Private Logs with Dedicated private proxies. They never store logs or share your private information from any of your dedicated proxies.
  • Committed proxies – private proxy. To protect your own Privacy, they will turn your IP with private Dedicated proxies in your program or utilizing their products.
  • Multiple Locations. This proxy provider has the majority of the most well-known asked for private proxies in real urban communities.
  • Turn Dedicated Proxies: Free programming with dynamic committed proxies and services. You have free access to one of a kind security programming to turn your proxies.
  • Secured Dedicated Proxies: Their Dedicated proxies are secure from the security issues found when utilizing open unsecured shared IP addresses.
  • Quick Dedicated Proxies: Quick programmed committed proxies setup to get you associated inside minutes utilizing totally private and Dedicated proxies.
  • Private Dedicated Proxies. RotateiP does not store your logs. They will regard your private information and they never store logs ever, for true blue business use as it were.

Customer’s reviews

Proxies are down all the time bolster sucks and they won’t discount your cash. Better utilize a Mastercard for any shot of getting your cash returned. With, some customer have attempted to buy a few proxies from them. However, for next 6-10 hours after installment, they couldn’t get anything to work nor the validation procedure to add the unique IPs to their framework.

The users have sent Several Emails to not benefit so toward the day’s end, they asked for to end their record and to recover their cash. At that point, they completely decline and undermining that user for extortion. Hence, there are some disappointed customers because of their moderate and absence of client service/specialized backing and not able to take care of business.

Offered price

RotateiP offers its customers different pricing based on the number of purchased proxies as well as the location of those users. Basically, there are 6 packages for your choice. Of which, the smallest package has 10 Dedicated IPs with the monthly price of USD25. The largest package has 100 dedicated IPs with the monthly price of USD 150.

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