Ezproxies Review


EZproxies service is a new proxy service supplier built up in 2012. It provides both private and shared proxies packages as well as offers high mysterious HTTP(s) proxies. EZproxies can permit webmailing with their proxies. However port 25 is blocked, and they don’t permit SMTP-based email. Even though their proxies can work well with scrapebox, Xrummer is not allowed along with the SMTP-based port.

Main features of proxies offered by EZproxies

EZproxies service is another great decision for SEO members of blackhatforum who are currently utilizing Scrapebox. You can email with these proxies, for example, Gmail, Hotmail or yippee and yet not through the SMTP-based port.

  • Proxies Protocols of EZproxies comprise of Https and HTTP. They offer both Shared and Private Proxies, International Proxies. However, there is no Update Frequency with EZproxies.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Authorization: This proxy provider prefers to use the IP validation. The proxies are verified with your IP address. You will have entry to a proxy control board where you can change your approved IP in a split second. Username or secret key verification is accessible on solicitation.
  • IP locations: They have a few areas around the United States. Areas are included regularly. If your proxy area is vital, please send a request to check whether it is available. An actuation email will be sent with the majority of the important data to begin when your proxies have been initiated. But insufficient information accommodated it’s a more up to date proxy service provider.
  • Their proxies support YouTube, Scrapebox, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail and Gmail, yet not Xrummer. Besides, the EZproxies are alright to be utilized for Scrapebox and most other IM programs.
  • The policy of 24-hour cash back guarantee

Customers’ reviews

There are some onions from EZproxies’s customers who was searching for the new venture proxy arrangement. Some of them focus on the most reasonable and amazing proxies. It appears that it is truly elusive reasonable and great with this proxy provider. You can buy 500 proxies and only have to pay $0.50 for one proxy.

That cost appears to be great, so many users really purchased 500 proxies. If you are searching for high caliber and reasonable proxies, you can go get proxies from EZproxies. Several experienced users undertook shard proxies and there is no contrast amongst private and shared proxies.

Pricing plans

Currently, EZproxies offers the special discount for all people. You can use coupon ‘ez55′ for %55 off price of their proxies in the first month. Your proxies will be delivered within 12 hours. There are two different pricing plans that EZproxies offer its customers for shared and private proxies.

  • For share proxies

Shared proxies are proxies that are shared amongst Their clients as it were. These proxies suit the requirements of the majority of Their customers. EZproxies can provide 4 packages of shared proxies. Of which, the minimum size of shared proxy package comprises of 50 proxies with the monthly price of USD 50. The largest size of the package has 500 shared proxies with the monthly price of USD 250.

  • For private proxies

Private proxies are definitive in online security. Situated in numerous urban areas in the U.S., and are accessible for your utilization as it were. EZproxies can provide its users 6 packages of private proxies. Of which, the minimum size of the shared proxy package comprises of 10 proxies with the monthly price of USD 20. The largest size of package has 500 shared proxies with the monthly price of USD 500.

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