Proxybonanza Review


Proxybonanza gives its customers a high mysterious Http and Socks5 dedicated proxy. This proxy provider has discharged a Firefox add-on for proxy list service that permits endorsers of the proxy progress with a single tick. It’s a simple method for having numerous Firefox windows open with various proxy settings as every customer uses their own proxy IP addresses.

Key features of Proxybonanza for your reference

  • You can design your custom proxy bundle right on the site. A number of proxy IPs, C classes and the measure of information exchange can be arranged for new shared proxy packages. Another enormous change comes to selective proxy packages. Starting today all new and existing selective proxy arrangements will have boundless information exchange naturally. We additionally included numerous money support. You can pay in USD, EUR and PLN.
  • Proxies Protocols involve Http and Socks. This is a service that will permit you to stay obscure while giving you full flexibility of utilizing the net as you prefer, and it might be justified regardless of your while to look it over. With this service, you stay safe from online advertisers. This is a service that works with a HTTP convention and in addition randomizing IP addresses. You can get a membership for the Proxybonanza service.
  • Firefox proxy add-on. The IP addresses that you are utilizing won’t be shared and associations up to 100MB can be had. Destinations like Google won’t wind up banning your IP address as is need to happen with such services.
  • Boundless transfer speed. You have boundless access to data transmission. Any postponements that would regularly influence your perusing background will likewise be wiped out. Since you are paying for the service, you don’t need to stress over being tormented by consistent promotions that ruin things for you. You won’t need to stress over confined access, as there is no rebuffing online when you utilize this service. Diverse C classes IP, International proxies.
  • Proxy Update Frequency: Every Couple of Months
  • The proxies of Proxybonanza can work well with Craigslist, Facebook and YouTube. If they do not work, you will get a full discount. There are a few sites that can’t be utilized on a proxy service of this nature. Person to person communication sites like Facebook or Xrumer specifically won’t work. You won’t have the capacity to download deluges or any such Internet-based movement that is deceitful in nature.

Customer service

There is a client bolster service for Proxybonanza that is based online and gives services in light of a token framework. When you make an inquiry, you are given a ticket number, and this will help Proxybonanza to hit you up. There are a few extraordinary components that accompany their service and elements is continually developing.

The rate card is fairly adaptable, and you will discover a few offers that work best for your own necessities. What will make them the ideal site is whether they start to permit the utilization of Facebook on them. The proxies provided by Proxybonanza gives you an aggressive valuing with some awesome elements also. The main drawback is that their arrangements and also terms are fairly strict considering a site like Facebook is not on it.

Offered prices and promotions

Presently, the main method of installment for this service is through PayPal. On affirmation of your installment, your server will be made accessible to you, and you can begin utilizing it right away. It, for the most part, takes around three hours to wind up affirmed as an official client, which is a decent arrangement.

The main thing that could diminish your whole involvement with a Proxybonanza record is the aggressiveness that exists as Facebook and downpours, particularly since they are not allowed on this site. You will discover different services that will help you in this field. What number of servers you purchase from this service will rely on upon the amount you will pay.
You can purchase one proxy for somewhat less than $10. Proxies going up to 253 in number will go to a couple of pennies shy of $500. You could share servers or get some elite to you. Universal proxy servers are likewise accessible. For the most part, you don’t need to pay a charge to set up your membership.

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Trustedproxies Review


Trusted Proxies service gives an awesome arrangement to SEO-ers. Its answers for Keyword Ranking Software, speed up the Keyword Ranking Reports with the Private Proxy Servers as well as an extensive variety of SEO tools, such as Web CEO, Rank Tracker, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Ranking. You can discover and track huge amounts of Long Tail watchwords you never had room schedule-wise to track, and find where to command your rivals.

Trusted Proxies gives Private Proxy Servers intended to authentic White Hat as it were. All the Dark Hat for Internet Marketing is restricted. No xrumer, mass mailing and Craigslist posting. Trusted Proxies gives secure, quick and dependable Private Proxy Servers for SEM, White Hat SEO and Web Marketing Professionals.

Which features does Trustedproxies offer its customers?

  • Answers for Software Developers, SEO and Digital Marketing experts. TrustedProxies offers customers an extensive rundown of arrangements. By making utilization of the services offered by this organization, customers can accelerate watchword positioning reports, avert Google pieces, give profound web index investigation and empower worldwide geo-surfing. This is just a little part of what TrustedProxies can give.
  • Quick, solid and versatile Geo-particular exceedingly unknown Proxy Server Platform and API
  • Advanced for mass web scratching and fast Search Engine information extraction –without being blocked
  • Proxies Protocols: comprise of Https and Http
  • Geo-Locations in the UK, USA and EU. The uplifting news about TrustedProxies is that they have servers in areas over the United Kingdom and the United States. These servers are committed to working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This implies there ought to continue running at ideal speeds throughout the entire year.
  • Boundless Bandwidth for Dedicated private proxyies. Transfer speed tops fluctuate with every installment arrangement. Obviously, it ought to be called attention to that an astounding 25 GB ought to be all that could possibly be needed for anyone.
  • 7 day cash back surety
  • Permitted: Scrapebox, Anonymous Browsing, Web 2.0, White cap. Not Supported: Craigslist, Xrummer

Customer Support

Before you can really choose for your buy of proxy, you are given the chance to present a request ticket to TrustedProxies. The organization guaranteed to answer all messages and questions inside hours after you send it. Nearby, you can send a message to the customer service of TrustedProxies. Yet, in the event that you need brisk and guide access to one of their specialists, there are telephone numbers accommodated US, UK and worldwide clients.

Quality client backing is another vital feature of paying for any service. TrustedProxies has a committed group of experts accessible all days. Inquiries can be managed through telephone or email very quickly. Every individual from the bolster group is prepared to have the capacity to answer any inquiry and help with any issue. The considerable thing about this organization is that they make a point to furnish customers with their cash’s worth in services and backing. Regardless of what the issue, this group is committed to fathoming it.

Offered prices and promotions

Here are sample packages that TrustedProxies service provided. You can get free trial 7 days and you can cross out its service at whatever time, and accompany a certification. Rebates accessible for quarterly, 6 month to month and yearly memberships. Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal all acknowledged.

There are various proxy arrangement classes offered by requirements and the costs you can bear. For individual use of proxies, there are different proxy arrangements to look over. Furthermore, for enormous associations which require more propel proxy arranges, there are additional parts to look over. If contrasted with other online proxy suppliers, the costs of proxies in Trusted Proxies are pricier. In any case, you can pick dependability and higher quality, then, you would fret the expense, and rather go ahead with your bought proxies.

Sample Package Price Types of Proxies
 5 Proxies  $30 Shared
10 Proxies  $45 Shared
5 Proxies  $50 Dedicated
10 Proxies  $92 Dedicated

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Bestproxyandvpn Review


bestproxyandvpn is one of the world’s driving proxy suppliers, it doesn’t just give the colossal arrangement of quick private proxies, additionally offers fast selective IP VPNs to its customers. BestProxyAndVpn gives private proxies and VPN services in Europe, US, and Canada. It offer socks5 and http proxies as well as committed IP vpn accounts. You can get a high secrecy tip top non-straightforward proxy begin for just 2.97$ every week. Even their proxies is a bit difficult to set-up and utilize, they still provide us an awesome service.

Key characteristic Of Bestproxyandvpn Proxies

  • Committed selective IP: Dedicated restrictive IP for both proxies and also VPN records, is the principle highlight of BestProxyAndVPN. Every last single IP location is allotted to the individual paid client of a proxy or VPN account. A client is allowed either to change IP address on the premise of each installment term or keep that specific IP address for his/her whole membership time period.
  • IP address Reuse: BestProxyAndVPN reuses that specific IP address by relegating it to another client simply after the arrival of proxy or VPN account from the first client.
  • Boundless Bandwidth Usage: There is no limitation over data transmission utilization and the client can make approval through both IP validation and also username or watchword.
  • The Support of protocols: BestProxyAndVPN underpins both sorts of conventions for its
    committed IP proxies, for example, HTTP and Socks 4/5. Additionally, it likewise includes PPTP convention for its private devoted IP VPN keeping in mind the end goal to utilize it for bypassing channels.
  • Instant configuration: A client is allowed to change the convention with the assistance of moment arrangement accessible in the part region furthermore ready to get up to 14 unmistakable proxy areas.
  • With the 72 hours refund policy, its clients can be ensured of its weekly updates for your packages.
  • The proxies provided by BestProxyAndVPN can work well with Ftp, Scrapebox, and SeNuke. But they do permit spam ports 587, 465 and 25 as well as Craigslist posting.

This proxy provider has an accessibility of 14 particular proxy areas for its proxy services more than 8 nations of US. The nations consolidate Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Phoenix and New York. It offers its VPN service in 3 unique areas of the US, for example, Phoenix, New York and Los Angeles. In expansion to these areas, there are some other overall areas that join Rugby and Manchester of the UK, Toronto in Canada, Chemnitz in Germany, Steinsel in Luxembourg, and Istanbul in Turkey furthermore Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

BestProxyAndVPN Pricing Plans

BestProxyAndVPN permits the users to get paid for the chosen services by the payment method for PayPal as it were. It likewise underpins the client with 3-day cash back certification alternative if there should arise an occurrence of any disappointment. Both of the month to month and also week by week arranges stuffed with various elements like private or selective IPs, high surfing namelessness, quick system, FTP bolster, and guaranteed access.

BestProxyAndVPN estimating arrangements can be isolated into followings on the premise of a proxy or VPN account choices:

Monthly Proxy Package. This bundle involves 6 arranges that include:

  • Proxy – $3.99/Month
  • 3 Proxies – $11.59/Month
  • 6 Proxies – $22.99/Month
  • 12 Proxies – $42.99/Month
  • 24 Proxies – $75.99/Month
  • 48 Proxies – $133.99/Month

Weekly Proxy Package. A week after week proxy membership bundle involves 3 arranges. These include:

  • 1 Proxy – $1.99/week
  • 6 Proxies – $13.99/week
  • 12 Proxies – $25.99/week

Month to month And Fixed VPN Package. The VPN packages incorporate $3.79/week and $5.79/month membership arranges.

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Yourprivateproxy Review


Your private proxy offers you quality dedicated proxies for anonymity and security on the Internet. If you’re looking for speed and quality to get the optimum results with your software, it’s a good choice for you check out YYP. To provide anonymity and security over the Internet, it is advisable to avail dedicated proxies and one of the trusted companies which provide high-quality proxies is Yourprivateproxy. Not only that, they are a reputable company which has been in the service for several years now amidst the high cost of proxies they offer. Indeed, the premium priced proxies would outshine others.

Cool characteristic Of Yourprivateproxy

The options as to where you can use the proxies from Yourprivateproxy are quite good. You can use the proxies in Scrapebox, Phone Verified Craigslist accounts, Reddit, eBay, Senuke and other websites. However, the company would not allow the proxies to be used in Xrumer, Facebook, torrents, x-runner, or for anything that is deemed to be fraud.

Some key features of Yourprivateproxy are as follows:

  • Dedicated IP addresses and High anonymous proxies
  • Supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocol
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Proxies are ready 24/7
  • Multiple Cities, Multiple Subnets
  • Proxies Updated Monthly
  • FTP Access
  • Proxies provided by Yourprivateproxy can work well with eBay, Scrapebox, Webmail and Web 2.0. But they do not support Xrummer.
  • Their Locations of Private Proxies consist of: Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

With a new account, you will be given a VIP user control panel. You will be able to randomize and change your proxies, including their locations, with this control panel once per month. gets top rating on scrapebox proxies for the quality and speed of their private proxies. Its feature that allows for user monthly randomization and the lack of bandwidth constraints is also very popular

Customers’ reviews

Your Private Proxy provides support to their customer through the e-ticket system. You can also guarantee that they will get you back with you in a short span of time.
Your Private Proxy got amazing and very efficient proxy plans. Even with the high cost it entails; many people are still engaged to acquire the company’s service. The only downside, aside from the pricey proxy packages, Your Private Proxy does not provide assistance to some of the famous websites such as Facebook. And, if you are one of those people who wanted to use Xrumer, it is better to check other proxy provider.

Pricing Plans

The price of each proxy plan depends upon the number of proxies that you are purchasing. It would cost you $9.97 a month just to order for one proxy. And, the largest plan available in Your Private Proxy, with 253 proxies, would cost $499.97. The price of each plan is quite expensive, but, many people still acquire the company’s proxies because of their high trust rating and quality services.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of promos by referring someone to purchase from Your Private Proxy. A 50% discount can be guaranteed on the first month.

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Seo-Proxies Review


There are numerous shared and private proxies to be utilized with SEO programming for record creation and google scratching. can be one of them. It gives High mysterious HTTP and SOCKS proxy. Its API is easy to utilize, you’ll handle your proxies through our basic web apparatus or the API. You can utilize API to have the capacity to make present day Web 2.0 applications and Integrate computerized proxy revolution into you full scale, script or instrument effectively.

Key characteristic Of Seo Proxies Proxies

All IPs are situated in the US. Seo-Proxies proxy is not to be utilized for any spam, extortion movement, So It’s not Supported scrapebox, xrumer or referrer spam. You can switch the proxy sort from HTTPs to SOCKS in a few seconds through the users’ profile, effortlessly begin utilizing your needed proxy convention. Outstanding features of Seo proxies comprise of:

  • Proxies with the SOCKS and HTTP Protocols
  • A free 30 minute permit to test
  • Numerous Cities and Multiple Subnets
  • Capable API for simple coordination into custom instruments or scripts
  • Programmed Browser Configuration, such as Firefox
  • Quality IPs without harsh history. is a propelled excellent private proxy arrangement. They convey most elevated quality IP addresses without oppressive history, consolidated in a bundle that empowers you to utilize them effectively for your undertaking, through your program or as VPN. All our IP locations are clean are genuine committed private proxies. Nobody offers them with you, ensured. Pick your IP addresses from 7 distinctive US areas, including proxies in Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, New Jersey, Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

This proxy provider issue only IP addresses from the US, some different nations are conceivable on solicitation. Unlike other different proxies, proxies of SEO-Proxies are not the IP-affiliates. Seo-Proxies can concentrate on most noteworthy unwavering quality and the ideal IP addresses.

These proxies are better than average for google scratching, as they are completely private and clear. Clear in light of the fact that in the event that you utilize them for any posting/spamming you will get banned and numerous posts are blocked. Talking presently they are pretty much unusable for any SEO work other than scratching Google or making accounts at Twitter/Craigslist.

Customers’ reviews

With seo-proxies, everything was distinctive. They are more costly yet they additionally give amazing backing and their proxies are to the great degree quick, solid and most imperative motivation. You can utilize for scratching web crawlers. For the most part pictures and typical query items.

Their costs are normal however their backing and unwavering quality is essentially exceptional. The free Google scrubber as of late discharged completely bolsters the SEO-Proxies API (

Pricing plans

Here are the sample packages which Seo-Proxies can provide its users. The price is likewise pretty high yet goes down $2.26 per proxy when you arrange with 230 ones.

Sample Package Monthly Price License
1 Proxies $9.99 Rookie
5 Proxies $29.99 Beginner
10 Proxies $59.99 Amateur
20 Proxies $99.99 Semi-Professional
50 Proxies $189.99 Professional
100 Proxies $299.99 Expert
150 Proxies $399.99 Guru

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