Solidproxies Review

solidproxies offer private Http proxies, and you can utilize their proxies as it creates the own IPs that can be utilized as socks. It resembles GSA Ser is wearing a Google confirmation vest, no groups, they smolder, they recover. You can really see them invigorate before your eyes in GSA Ser. No other supplier out there can even approach they have upset the Proxy diversion the only”100% computerized proxies.

Main characteristics of SolidProxies

The customers can use their proxies with GSA web search tool ranker. The proxies offered by SolidProxies are incredible for GSA scratching and posting. They will be auto-supplant from their IP pool when your proxies are banned or get errors. That’s similar to Backconnect Proxies. The just drawback is that the velocity of proxies is not quick as other devoted proxies.

  • Profoundly Anonymous/Elite Proxies. You have your own weapons store of apparatuses that have the requested prerequisite. Without any stress, you are in a decent hand. Any dead or blocked proxies will be in a flash supplanted, all autopilot.
  • Dead, banned or Blocked proxies will be in a split second supplanted.
  • Instant account activation. Request are prepared immediately once installment is checked, passed our extortion measurements and endorsed, your record will be dynamic in the matter of minutes, not hours or days.
  • Great client service. With 1 hour react time guaranteed, their exceptionally prepared staff will have the capacity to guide you and also noting all your questions.
  • GSA Ser Friendly Proxies. MacOsx is not Support by SolidProxies

However, there is no cash back certification. The application ought to now be dynamic and will stay dynamic until you click Disable.

Proxy types offered by SolidProxies

Here is committed proxies packages that Solid Proxies service advertised. Datacenters in Europe and most east and west drift datacenter in the USA. This service provider offers its users two types of proxies as follows:

  • Dedicated proxies. Proxies are requiring IP-confirmation in default. And you can approve up to 2 IPs. Besides, every Package is just restricted by 1 PC you can use in the meantime.
  • Semi-Dedicated proxies. They are offered with up to 3 clients. It’s a marked down on committed proxies packages. It is also a shabby answer for GSA SER, and other SEO instruments.

Offered prices and promotions

SolidProxies can provide its customers with the two types of pricing plans for Dedicated and Semi-dedicated proxies. Of which, Semi-dedicated proxies are provided to share among the maximum of 3 users and Dedicated proxies are only offered for one user.

  • Semi-Dedicated proxies. There are 4 packages for your choice. All of them have the instant activation, Friendly GSA SER and one connection from Europe or the USA. The minimum package size of Semi-Dedicated proxies is 10 proxies with the monthly price of USD 16.50. The largest-size package has 100 Http proxies with 4 subnets and the monthly price of USD 124.50.
  • Dedicated proxies. There are also 4 packages with different numbers of subnets. The minimum package size of dedicated proxies is 10 proxies with the monthly price of USD 32.50. The largest-size package has 100 Http proxies with 4 subnets and the monthly price of USD 239.50.

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