Tips for Using Proxies for Google Scraping

Google scraping is something that is done by most of the leading SEO companies and individuals that would want to get fast results within a very short amount of time. Typically, a Google search normally takes about a few microseconds to complete. However, within that particular time frame, the Google server not only gets to know about your web browser, but it will also factor in the IP address and all the other things that is normally to be found in a user. Now, when you’re thinking about collecting large amount of data, it becomes pertinent for you to look into using some sort of shader service that will be able to help you mask your identity. The very last thing that you would want to end up collecting data is to find yourself getting banned on an alarming frequency. After all, you need to make sure that your campaigns for search engine optimization will be able to scrape all the necessary data, and prevent any kind of bad things from happening to your campaigns. Now, as the story goes, you might be able to understand exactly what seems to be your ethical dilemma of using a wide variety of computers to do a simple job.

After all, it is not only time consuming, but at the same time, it can take up a lot of your resources. Now, these are resources that you do not have, and you certainly cannot avoid getting into. So, whenever you think about collecting large amount of data, the use of proxies become pretty important. Now, that this particularly “secret” method is out on the open, it is time for you to take proactive measures. Before you get into understanding the importance of proxies, and how you would be able to use them for your campaigns, it is very important that you understand the perfect proxies and how you can purchase them from the market.

Just like any other commodity in the online world, it is particularly important for you to understand about the benefit of using proxies from reliable sources. After all, there are a lot of horror stories about how people have been able to witness their campaigns go downhill when they make use of bad proxies. Yes, this is pretty alarming, and although most of the people do not like to mention, but they are more than ready to put forward an arm and leg in order to get the correct proxies. Now, with the whole world sitting up and taking notice about the importance of proxies, it is definitely very important for you to understand that is when. After all, you would not want the data of your Google scraping going in the form of a detrimental situation for your needs. So, understand the importance of proxies, and how you would be able to get rid of problems when it comes to Google scraping.

Purchasing good quality proxies from reliable supplier

When you purchase your clothing accessories, you normally go to the famous brands in order to purchase from them. What you are guaranteed from such outlets is the fact that you can get a quality product that has a wonderful longevity. Although, you might have to pay a lot more than your normal price for such a similarly looking product, it is well worth the amount of money spent. The same thing can be told about proxies as well. After all, if you get private, dedicated proxies for your campaigns, not only would you be able to remain undetected for longer periods of time, but all your Google scraping needs can be easily taken care of even when you undertake multithreading scraping work with a single software. The exclusivity of the proxies will be such that you would be able to run on your campaigns on them, and not have to worry about any problems whatsoever.

However, before you get into some kind of specifics, understand about the ethical quandary of Google scraping. After all, scraping Google is more or less ethical, as you are simply trying to gather information about a certain product or certain valuable information that can help you or your client. However, the use of proxies does fall within the grey area, but that is something that is necessary for you to preserve your campaigns. Yes, although Google does frown upon the use of proxies on a large-scale, it has been used repeatedly by a lot of people, and it has become a sort of market for the people selling proxies. Now, there are a lot of automated tools that will be able to crawl Google in order to provide you with excellent, substantiated information on your desired item. What this means is that you would be able to secure all the data that you need without having to worry about investing a lot of time behind the campaigns.

However, all those campaigns will amount to nothing unless you make use of proxies. It is not always about Google scraping, but also would scraping information from some other websites as well. If a particular IP address is constantly pinging the website to gather information, sooner or later, that IP address will be blacklisted from accessing the website. If you have an ongoing campaign, then it can spell the death knell for them. So, it is very important for you to understand about IP addresses, purchasing them in bulk, and ensuring that you would not have to worry about any problems whatsoever.

Now, to the intelligent mind, you might be wondering why Google bans the IP address when it comes to Google scraping, when it is legitimate. Well, you realize that Google scraping mainly happens with the help of automated software. Now, Google is a company, or search engine that normally makes money due to the interaction of human beings by using their website. If automated tools are led to run lose, they might lose out on precious customer interaction and subsequent data, and will lead to a loss in revenue. It could also lead to blatant piracy or for that matter a lot of other problems that lead to the downfall of the company. This is the pain reason why the before the human interaction and forgo the use, rather they do not like the use of automated tools for Google scraping. This is the reason the IP addresses are banned pretty fast.

As a normal person looking to continue his SEO campaigns, it becomes pretty important for you to purchase private or dedicated proxies from reliable suppliers. Yes, what this means at the end of the day is that you would be able to get proxies that are truly dedicated to the purpose of Google scraping, and not for any other use. These proxies have been tried, tested, and they have passed with flying colors. So, the next time you look into going for all your Google scraping needs, you might as well go for using such kind of proxies. However, the reliability should also be tested.

So, when you purchase for the first time from a supplier, always purchase in a small quantity and test them out for connectivity and the exclusivity issues. If everything goes well and according to your needs for Google scraping, you might as an purchase in bulk. After all, you would need a whole lot of proxies so that you can effectively cycle through them in order to undertake all your Google scraping needs. Moreover, if you are companies with a substantial amount of budget set aside for the purchase of proxies always make a deal with a reliable supplier of proxies and go for a monthly payment. This way, you get rid of the hassles of always having to ask for proxies, while at the same time you do not need to worry about the monetary factor unless you have extracted the revenue from the campaigns for the entire month.

What are the benefits of going for proxies for your Google scraping campaigns?

There are a lot of benefits that can be found when you go for using the Google proxies for your Google scraping campaigns. They are

1. Getting fast and unique results: It is a well-known fact that Google as well as all the other search engines frown upon the use of automated software in order to extract results. So, when the find a lot of search enquiries coming from a particular IP address for a block of IP addresses, what they do is to blacklist the IP address, preventing them from getting access to any data. So, even if you are a human trying to get access from that particular IP address, it would either take you a long time, or you might not be able to get access at all. With a whole batch of unique proxies, not only would you be able to use automated software in order to extract the Google searches, but you would be able to get data extremely fast, and all of them unique which adds a lot of value to the campaigns.

2. Beneficial for automation: Let’s face it; people nowadays have a lot less time on the hands in order to undertake tasks that can easily be automated with software. So, when it comes to Google scraping, people have moved on from using the human interaction to find out the search results to going for the software itself. So, the software will be able to function very properly with the use of good quality proxies, and you do not need to purchase anything else in conjunction to having the software and dedicated proxies for your SEO campaigns.

3. Keep your privacy: In the even that you make use of software, you would find that the IP addresses constantly keeps cycling amongst each other, thereby ensuring that you would be able to extract a specific part of the data within no time. This way, you original IP address will be able to remain safe and secure, thereby leading to you not being susceptible to any kind of hacking attempts. It will also ensure that all the sensitive data in your computer can be kept in a secure location and without any danger coming to it.

4. Avoiding red flags: Since Google keeps changing the algorithm for their search data, you find that there is going to be a wide increase or decrease in the keyword ranking after every algorithm change. Now, you have to realize that it is such pertinent information that can come in handy for the SEO campaigns. Now, one of the most common things that you realize about using the proxies is that you would be able to extract all such unique information and avoid all the red flags that come with it. Maybe, you would be able to use such wonderful software at your own leisure, and you need not have to worry about any issues of problems that can crop up in this particular treacherous situation.


When it comes to the purpose of Google scraping, or for that matter scraping from any search engine directory, it is always important for you to make use of a whole block of unique, dedicated and private proxies. This way, you will be able to extract the best quality search results for your specified information, and you need not have to worry about any other problems or any other results that come along with it. After all, the proxies will be able to put forward an effective shield that will be able to take care of all your data related issues, and bring about a lot of change to the effective data for your campaigns. Maybe, this might actually become a wonderful essence for you, and you could always end up getting rid of all the IP bans and Captchas that are normally associated with automation of the software when it comes to Google scraping. You would be able to dedicate a lot more time to other facets of your company while leaving the automation task in conjunction with good quality proxies.

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